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Jonathan Linowes

Jonathan Linowes

Craig Herndon

Craig Herndon

Course Overview

12 Weeks – Online
7 hours weekly – Live Session
5+ hours weekly – Self Study
1-1 Office hours with Instructors

Upcoming Cohort

JANUARY 19, 2021


The XR industry is expected to contribute $1.5 trillion to global GDP by 2030, according to PwC 

XR, the umbrella term for AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality), is expected to contribute $1.5 trillion to global GDP by 2030, according to PwC. And it’s not surprising why. As a technology that merges physical and digital worlds to create unique experiences, XR, also referred to as spatial computing, is changing the way developers create new products and experiences.

Countless examples across all industries make the case for developers to extend their capabilities in XR. To name a few: Amazon, Wayfair and IKEA all have AR viewers for customers to view products in their homes; large automotive companies such as Audi and Toyota are using AR and VR to host virtual showrooms; VR is used for large-scale training for more than 1 million associates across Walmart.

As AR and VR find wide adoption and demand across industries, software developers and engineers need conceptual and practical hands-on experience for developing for developing AR and VR interactions and experiences.

The AR and VR Developer Program is a 12-week, intensive, part-time program. The course provides training and project experience necessary to develop dynamic virtual reality and augmented reality applications.

With live instruction, industry-based projects, and a focus on getting you portfolio-ready, the program will give you all the tools you need as productive members of an XR-focused software development team.

Beyond development skills, the program helps you learn how to analyze trends and market problems and to leverage XR to creative innovative solutions.


    Jonathan Linowes

    Jonathan Linowes

    Jonathan Linowes is a seasoned Unity developer and software engineer and has held technical leadership positions at several companies including Autodesk.
    He is author of several how-to books on Unity, virtual reality and augmented reality, including the upcoming third edition of his popular book, “Unity 2020 Virtual Reality Projects”.
    Craig Herndon

    Craig Herndon

    Craig Herndon is an expert XR engineer and educator, and has held engineering roles in large corporations such as BCG and Wayfair.

    He is CEO of Boston Virtual Reality a non-profit XR community of 6000+ members. Craig has experience building enterprise-scale AR and VR applications as well as VR titles funded by Oculus Launch Pad

    Who is this program for?

    The AR & VR Developer Program is designed for software developers, engineers, and students. The curriculum helps provide a structured and fast-paced framework for individuals looking to enter into the rapidly-growing XR industry.

      On completion, students will be able to meet some or most qualifications for roles including:

      • AR VR software engineer
      • AR, VR software developer
      • Unity developer
      • AR mobile application developer
      • Gameplay programmer

      Software Developers

      Developers with experience in Javascript, C++, C#, or Python

      Graphic Designers

      Individuals with experience in game design, animation or computer graphics 

      CS Major Students

      Students pursuing a degree in computer science or software development

      The specialized curriculum for the program covers several aspects of AR and VR development including:

      • XR – AR VR Foundation, Use Cases, and Emerging Trends
      • Introduction to Unity engine basics including asset management and C# programming basics
      • Unity Audio, Video, Animation, and Particle Effects
      • 3D Interactions, Cameras, and Navigation
      • Project Management for AR VR applications
      • Prototyping AR and VR applications
      • Taking AR VR applications from prototype to ready-to-publish
      • Product Pitch and Presentations
      • Showcase and Portfolios

      On completion, students will be able to meet some or most qualifications for roles including:

      • AR VR software engineer
      • AR, VR software developer
      • Unity developer
      • AR mobile application developer
      • Gameplay programmer



      Software development background, computer science degree, or equivalent experience.

      Experience in programming with C#

      For beginners we recommend Unity C# Survival Guide for learning basics and exploring more advanced concepts.   



      Flexible payment plans, Scholarships and Income Share Agreement (ISA) opportunities available for qualifying students.

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      Payment Plans

      Full Payment


      10% Discount

      6 Month Plan

      $1,000 per month

      3 Month Plan

      $1,900 per month

      5% Discount

      12 Month Plan

      $550 per month

      Upcoming Programs

      Online - January 19, 2021

      AR & VR Developer Program

      Class Schedule: January 19 – April 9, 2021

      Weekly Schedule: Monday and Wednesday 6:30pm – 9:30pm ET, Friday 5:00pm – 6:00pm ET

      Class Duration: 12 Weeks

      Location: Online

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      Unity Authorized Training and Certification Partner

      As a Unity Authorized Training Partner, XR Terra meets Unity's strict standards of excellence. XR Terra is authorized to offer Unity-authorized Training Workshops and preparation courses for Unity Certification Exams.

      Our AR VR Developer program and AR VR Visual Design program blend industry-leading tools for with a professionally developed course curriculum.


      What types of jobs will I be prepared for after this program

      The program will prepare participants for some or all skills commonly required for the following roles: 

      • AR, VR software engineer 

      • AR, VR software developer 

      • Unity developer 

      • AR mobile application developer

      What are the prerequisites for the program?

      Anyone with a software development background, computer science degree, or equivalent experience are all encouraged to apply.

      What is the structure of the program?

      This is a 12-week part-time program that meets on Mondays 8-9pm and Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30-9:30pm

      Do you provide career planning support?


      Our career development team will work with each and every program participant to identify appropriate employment opportunities within our network of employers based on matching qualifications and experience.

      I am not familiar with programming in C#. How can I learn C#?

      Experience with C# is going to be a big part of your success in becoming an AR VR Developer. Unity offers a free C# course, Unity C# Survival Guide, that will help you learn the basics. As you gain more experience in AR VR development with Unity, it will also help you as a reference for C#.

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