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The XR industry is projected to surpass $1 trillion in the next 10 years.

XR development skills are in high demand across all industries.

Our specialized XR development programs use market-driven curricula and real industry projects.

Program graduates have direct access to our network of XR employers to secure exciting opportunities in XR.

Student Testimonial

was already taking classes through Unity Learn, which is great, but I needed more.In the XR Terra class, I have been able to learn so much more about game development.

They teach you everything from the ground up: 2D, 3D, and then interactions, AR & VR.  Each assignment builds on the concepts but also how to code it all efficiently.

Gemima Lydie Wembalonge

AR VR Developer Program

Why XR Terra

Welcome to the industry’s first outcome-focused XR development training program.

Designed for both experienced software developers and XR enthusiasts without a technical background, our intensive XR bootcamps get you job-ready for a career in AR and VR software development.

Our partnership with XRTerra gives us the ability to influence both ends of the talent pipeline for AR and VR. 

On one end, we get to specify the set of skills we think are the highest priority for potential candidates to learn. This helps to seed the talent pool with more specific skills like 3D UI/UX, game engine experience, 3D graphics concepts  (compared to more run-of-the-mill computer science skillsets like Javascript, python, C++.) At the other end of the pipeline, we then get immediate access to candidates that we know have the exact set of skills necessary to fit into open roles we have for Augmented and Virtual Reality creators.

Varun Mani

Vice President , PTC


Highly specialized and market-driven XR curriculum


Real industry-endorsed projects to build a professional portfolio


Direct access to our strong network of XR employers
Unity Authorized Training and Certification Partner Badge

Unity Authorized Training and Certification Partner

As a Unity Authorized Training Partner, XT Terra meets Unity’s strict standards of excellence and is authorized to offer Unity-authorized Training Workshops and preparation courses for Unity Certification Exams on behalf of Unity Technologies. 

Our AR VR Developer program and AR VR Visual Design program blend industry-leading tools and technologies for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality with a professionally developed course curriculum.

News Highlights


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Did you know?

88% of mid-market companies

are already using some form of AR or VR as part of their business

XR engineers earn a salary premium

of 30-50% above traditional software engineers

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