Empowering the next
generation of XR talent

We work with XR experts, enterprise partners and academic institutions to create an industry-driven training program with the goal to graduate
market-competitive XR talent.

Our partnership with XRTerra gives us the ability to influence both ends of the talent pipeline for AR and VR. 

On one end, we get to specify the set of skills we think are the highest priority for potential candidates to learn. This helps to seed the talent pool with more specific skills like 3D UI/UX, game engine experience, 3D graphics concepts  (compared to more run-of-the-mill computer science skillsets like Javascript, python, C++.) At the other end of the pipeline, we then get immediate access to candidates that we know have the exact set of skills necessary to fit into open roles we have for Augmented and Virtual Reality creators.

Varun Mani

Vice President , PTC

XR Terra

XR Terra was founded in 2019 in response to the growing need for a structured, outcome-focused training program to educate aspiring XR professionals. We are a team of XR experts, edtech and worktech professionals and passionate entrepreneurs that believe in creating impactful learning models for the digital world.

Our Mission

XR Terra is on a mission to empower the next generation of XR talent through innovative programs and partnerships. 

The XR Terra Team

Hakan Satiroglu

Founder, CEO

Dan Holestine

Chief Operating Officer

Alysia Ordway

Director of Strategic Partners

Lauren Nwagboli

Enrollment Services & Operations

Casey Armstrong

Curriculum Management

Tuan Ho

Director of Growth

Executive Advisors

Thorsten Stremlau

Commercial CTO, Lenovo

Varun Mani

Vice President. PTC

Rachel Pohl

Product Manager, Unity Technologies

Stuart Trafford

Head of Education Channel Partnerships, Unity Technologies

Gary Colen

CEO, Amp Agency

Lauren Taylor

Co-Founder & COO, 3XR

Llewellyn Dawkins Jr.

Producer and Product Manager, Next Gen Tech, Yahoo

Michael Maloney

Head Of Engineering XR Visualization, Wayfair

Josh Gilliam

VP Content Innovation, Vector Solutions

Kyle Lum

VR Project Lead, Biogen

Thomas Lewis

Cloud Advocate & Developer Relations, Microsoft

Jennifer Westerlund

Managing Partner, Westerlund Law

Jeffrey Jacobson

XR Manager, Boston Children’s Hospital

Edward Zemba

President & CEO, Link To VR

Jalina Stewart

Chief of Production, VRAccelerator

Brandon Turnage

Head of Sales – Americas, Varjo