Introduction to Prototyping in Augmented Reality 

July 14th, 2020 | 7 -8 PM ET

Live Workshop

$80 FREE

Learn to apply interactions to a dynamic 3D object in augmented reality. Implement effective UI and UX concepts through AR best practices and the industry’s most commonly used tools – Unity 3D Engine and Vuforia.
Vuforia is a powerful Augmented Reality platform that allows you to quickly deploy interactive 3D experiences. Used by enterprise and consumer-facing products, Vuforia is a critical tool to learn for any AR creator.

The workshop will cover:

  • Basic features of the Unity editor
  • Importing a 3D model to Unity
  • Applying basic interactions to the imported 3D model without coding
  • Implementing basic UI for the AR experience
  • Activating Vuforia in Unity with image targets

Registered attendees will receive the resources used in the workshop.


  • Installed Unity 2019.4
  • An interest in learning how to create experiences in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

That’s it! This is for anyone interested in getting started with AR VR, Unity and Vuforia.

Hosted by:

Kachina Studer

Kachina Studer is an Augmented & Virtual Reality UX | UI Strategist and Development Lead at Arrowstreet, a Boston-based architecture and design firm. She has over 15 years of AR & VR experience and is an Associate Researcher at Harvard University’s Visualization Research Laboratory and MIT Media Lab.
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