Learn AR & VR this Winter

Maximize the down time this winter to learn a cutting-edge skill and build a professional portfolio in the high demand field of AR, VR and MR.

Special Winter Term Scholarships for College Students

With market size projections exceeding $1.5 billion by 2030, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) – collectively known as eXtended Reality (XR) – is a high demand skill that spans across all sectors of the economy.

Two Tracks to Success  We offer two specialized career tracks – XR Software Developer and XR Visual Designer.

Course Highlights

  • 12 weeks, live online delivery
  • 80+ hours of live instruction by expert instructors
  • 6 College Credits
  • Industry Projects with Potential Employers
  • Unity Certified Exam Coupon
  • Career Services Support
  • Winter term scholarships for college students
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Industry Statistics

$1.5 Trillion

Boost to Global GDP by 2030


Mid-market companies use AR/VR today


Growing demand for real-time 3D skills (XR related)

Student Testimonial

I was already taking classes through Unity Learn, which is great, but I needed more.

In the XR Terra class, I have been able to learn so much more about game development. They teach you everything from the ground up: 2D, 3D, and then interactions, AR & VR. Each assignment builds on the concepts but also how to code it all efficiently.

Gemima Lydie Wembalonge

AR VR Developer Program Alumn

AR VR Developer

The AR & VR Developer Program is designed for software developers, engineers, and students.

AR VR Visual Design

The AR & VR Visual Design Program is designed for designers, artists, and students.