AR & VR Developer Program

Sep 2020 – ONLINE

Learn about the AR VR Developer Program overview, structure, and outcomes.

Detailed Weekly Schedule.

Get the syllabus for XR Terra’s AR & VR Developer Course!

  • 12 week, part-time intensive
  • Online Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Course
  • Get ready for roles as an AR VR software engineer, AR VR software developer, Unity developer or AR mobile application developer
  • Prepare for Unity Certification
Unity Authorized Training and Certification Partner Badge

Unity Authorized Training and Certification Partner

As a Unity Authorized Training Partner, XT Terra meets Unity's strict standards of excellence and is authorized to offer Unity-authorized Training Workshops and preparation courses for Unity Certification Exams on behalf of Unity Technologies. 

Our AR VR Developer program and AR VR Visual Design program blend industry-leading tools and technologies for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality with a professionally developed course curriculum.