AR & VR Developer Program

September 2020

Intensive part time, 12-week program to help you master all the skills you need to develop immersive experiences in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
With this program you will learn:
  • Foundational knowledge of AR and VR and benefits for real-world applications
  • Apply these skills to industry projects across AR and VR module
  • Develop and manage AR and VR experiences using industry-standard development tools
  • Understand and analyze industry challenges, and propose an appropriate AR and/or VR solution
  • Apply project management tools to collaborate effectively with other team members throughout the development phase
Get JOB READY for a career as an:

• AR, VR software engineer
• AR, VR software developer
• Unity developer
• AR mobile application developer
• Gameplay programmer


Ideal for computer science and engineering students

Certified Unity Training Program

Specialized training and placement services with top XR corporations.

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