Financing OPTIONS

You are the future stars of the AR and VR industry! We want to help you stay focused on your learning journey and not the costs.

We offer special Scholarships, Income Share Agreements (ISA) and flexible payment plans to help you identify the right opportunities to fund your future.


Payment Plans

Limited Time Offer

Full Payment Plan


Free Oculus Quest with single full payment for the AR VR Developer Program or the AR VR Visual Design Program.

3 Month Plan

$1950 per month

6 Month Plan

$1000 per month

12 Month Plan

$550 per month 

*Payment plan details and terms to be determined after acceptance into program,


We are passionate about supporting XR creators in pursuing a career in this exciting high-growth technology. Our scholarship opportunities help us support diversity and talent to the AR and VR. We are continually looking at new scholarship options and work with each student to identify the best options.

Black Creators Scholarship

Impact driven scholarship that supports the upskilling of aspiring black creators to launch careers in XR

XR Terra is dedicated to supporting the growth and development of black creators in their goal of pursuing careers in XR.

Women in Tech - XR for Her

XR for Her represents XR Terra’s commitment to gender diversity and inclusion in technology.

Inquire now or Start your Application to see if you meet the eligibility criteria for tuition discounts and start your XR journey today.

Merit Scholarships

We believe in providing access to talented, passionate and hard-working individuals to lead the growth of XR.

Tell us about your experience and any relevant projects to see if you qualify for our partial tuition, merit-based scholarships.

Income Share Agreement

Pay back your tuition with a small percentage of your future income for a fixed period of time, up to a maximum cap without incurring interest.

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We help employers find and build XR talent!

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