Unity TRAINING Workshops

Unity Training Workshops combine the best in quality, expertise, and convenience to increase your Unity knowledge.

XR Terra, one of the few Unity Training and Certification Partners, offers workshops that help students get started with Unity.

Each workshop features a hands-on project that teaches Unity skills as well as best practices for implementation. 

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XR Terra has 3 workshops that offers students the quickest way to get started with Virtual Reality  and Game Development using Unity.


  • Introduction to 3D Interactive Development
  • Introduction to Virtual Reality
  • Introduction to 3D Game Development

Unity Authorized Training and Certification Partners are organizations that have met strict standards of excellence and are authorized to offer Unity-authorized Training Workshops and preparation courses for Unity Certification Exams on behalf of Unity Technologies.

As the first and only Unity Training Certification Partner in Massachusetts, we are committed to creating a variety of outcome-driven XR professional programs

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Introduction to 3D Interactive Development

Get started with real-time 3D

This workshop features a small scale kitchen configurator in the general style of what can be found on home improvement websites such as Lowes, Ikea, and Home Depot. Participants in this workshop will focus on how to create high quality 3D interactions in Unity in an efficient and optimized way while building this simple, yet sophisticated configurator.

Although this workshop focuses on a project aligned with Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC), the skills built will apply to anyone who is looking to understand how to create robust interactive applications in Unity.

Workshop Topics include:

  • Learn how to navigate in the Unity Editor
  • Configure a Unity Project for 3D development
  • Create and configure physically based materials
  • Use imported assets to build modular scenes
  • Create scene component Prefabs for reuse throughout the Project
  • Configure lights and settings to achieve realistic effects
  • Use the Post Processing Stack to enhance visual fidelity
  • Develop interactive mechanics
  • Integrate scripts to create a controller with keyboard and touch input
  • Utilize Cinemachine to create a free moving scene camera
  • Build a UI to display Prefab data and receive input
  • Integrate scripts with Prefabbed assets to create customizable components
  • Publish 3D applications for various platforms

Prerequisites: No prior experience required


9 hours including 1 hour break


Introduction to 3D Game Development 

Winter 2020

Create a playable 3D game

This introductory workshop teaches 3D project structure as participants create and customize a 3D game. Participants focus on 3D game development. Participants will learn about 3D project structure while creating a 3D endless runner game. Subjects covered will include physics, 3D graphics capability, scripting, rigging, and animation retargeting. The instructor will demonstrate how to use the various tools of the Unity Editor and the participants will create a 3D game using the provided assets. They will also learn how to work with UI elements, physics, and animations.

Workshop Topics include:

  • Core gameplay
  • Character model, Character setup
  • Animation, Animator setup
  • Platform system
  • Lose settings
  • Collectibles
  • Publishing
  • And new Unity Editor capabilities and features like:
  • Cinemachine camera


None. This workshop is designed for creators new to or just getting started with Unity.


9 hours including 1 hour break

Introduction to Virtual Reality

Make the leap to VR

This workshop teaches experienced Unity developers how to get started with VR. The project built in the workshop is the Laser Cop Room Scale VR Game. Subjects covered include developing a basic VR game for PC/Mac/Console, optimization techniques, ergonomics, physics and audio for VR. It requires both a headset and controllers, but there is a test script that will allow for in-editor development for participants who did not bring a VR headset with them. Although a gaming project is used as the example in this workshop, the features and functions are applicable to all Unity projects.

Workshop Topics include:

  • Assets
  • Starting project
  • Core gameplay
  • Player setup
  • Enemy setup


This workshop is aimed at intermediate-level creators.


9 hours including 1 hour break