We are excited to announce that XR Terra is now an official Unity Training and Certification Partner! 

With the increasing adoption and maturation of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) as content and experience creation media, learning how to develop games using Unity’s real-time engine has become critical to the success of AR and VR developers. 

” ..more than half of all mobile games built for there are built in Unity. More than 60 to 70 percent — depending on the platform — of everything built for machines for virtual reality or augmented reality or any of the XR platforms are built in Unity” – John Riccitiello, Unity CEO

While Unity started as a 3D gaming engine, applications developed on Unity have gone beyond gaming and expanded to aerospace, architecture, automotive, construction, transportation, manufacturing and medical industries. With these new avenues comes the need for job ready AR and VR developers who can develop immersive mixed reality(XR) experiences using Unity.

To train this new generation of XR developers, XR Terra has created a Unity Certified AR & VR Developer Certificate Program that helps experienced developers, graduating college students, and self-taught programmers enter the XR industry. 

As described by the official Unity partner website, Unity Authorized Training and Certification Partners are organizations that have met strict standards of excellence and are authorized to offer Unity-authorized Training Workshops and preparation courses for Unity Certification Exams on behalf of Unity Technologies.

“As the first and only Unity Training Certification Partner in Massachusetts, we are committed to creating a variety of outcome-driven XR professional programs starting with the AR & VR Developer Certificate Program in Boston. The program fuses the latest XR development concepts and project work with input from industry experts. Program graduates also benefit from our placement services within our network of XR employers.”  -Janet Kang, XR Terra Co-Founder & CEO

The AR & VR Developer Certificate Program starts in Boston on March 9th.

Apply now to secure your spot in the March cohort. 

Merit-based scholarships and special financing options are also available for qualifying students.