Spatial computing. Real time 3-D. Virtual reality. Augmented reality. Mixed reality. Many terms begin to describe the revolution taking place across sectors to harness the power of computing and bring it out from behind screens. Market forecasters project this field will boom, and with the outbreak of COVID-19, that boom may come sooner than expected.

So what does XR implementation at scale look like? Which companies are experimenting with the technology? Which are leading implementers across sectors?  And for those thinking about their careers, who is hiring for these roles NOW?  What are the skill expectations given that the technology is so new? How are employers validating competence? 

Starting this week, I will share a sampling of job postings around a theme.  With COVID-19 and health on everyone’s mind this spring, it seems an appropriate topic for the first post! I have selected two businesses that are leveraging XR to treat patients (XRHealth) as well as, educate individuals about preventative measures that they can take (NYT).  

AR VR Job and Internship Openings

VR Product Manager

XR Health


By harnessing the advantages of VR, the XRHealth platform offers both patients and healthcare professionals an effective way of dealing with the negative impact imposed by illness, social isolation and quarantine. Patients have access to support groups, individualized exercise regimens, cognitive exercises, and tools to allay stress and anxiety.  Healthcare professionals can interact directly with their patients and monitor their condition remotely, thus eliminating the need for personal exposure. The platform collects and analyzes patient interactions with virtual environments built into fun games. AI cloud computing algorithms deliver an enhanced experience with real-time data analytics that can be used in clinics and at home. With the technology, patients can analyze and quantify their own performance and track their own improvement over time.

Game Engineer, Spark AR 

New York Times 


The New York Times utilizes technology to inform, educate, and entertain its readers. This month they released a 3-D simulation to explain and illustrate the importance of maintaining social distancing to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. A terrible judge of distance, I especially appreciate the AR app, which allows you to take what you learn from the simulation and apply it in your own, daily context like the grocery store or walking down a main street with other pedestrians.

Currently, the New York Times has a number of open roles in Technology. Here we highlight one of the more entry level roles. 


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