In an emerging tech space like virtual reality, it can be truly difficult to keep up. Business, tech, and research-related news for the XR industry comes out several times throughout each day. That is exactly why, if you want to keep tabs on what’s going on, you can no longer rely on tech news alone; you have to turn to social media like Twitter.

To help you navigate, we have rounded up our top 5 recommendations for who to follow. (Note: For the sake of authenticity, we picked real individuals instead of just companies.)

Hands-on Look at the Latest VR Games and Apps

For daily tweets containing GIF’s and videos from an energetic and hilarious Youtuber who tests out almost all the VR apps imaginable, check out @NathieVR

Updates on VR Tech Hardware and Software

If you are interested in VR devices, software updates, and more, @Tyrielwood is one of the first sources you should go to. (We recently used one of Tyriel’s videos to learn about VR development and the Oculus Link.)

Covering the latest Oculus Quest hand tracking update

Future of VR

Want to stay on top of futuristic visions for VR? @sibleyspeaks has your back. Check out this talk to see what we mean. The talk itself might as well be from the future!

Sibley presenting at Evolve 2018

News, Podcasts, and Events 

For the next Oculus Connect conference or any other VR-focused event, you need not go anywhere other than the Twitter feed of @kentbye. Kent, in addition to hosting a popular VR focused podcast, tweets regular updates from a variety of immersive-reality focused tech events.

Latest in AR

Part of the leadership team at AugmentedReality.org, investor, and speaker, @tomemrich tweets regularly about the latest and greatest AR news and insight. Watch Tom talking here about AR’s role in the future of work and daily life.

Tom Emrich

We hope you enjoy following these VR experts, and while you’re at i follow us on Twitter and channels for news and informtion about VR/AR dev tools, Unity, C#, XR game and app development, and all the things our AR / VR Development Students are upto.